Carbon Saver Major Clients

Motivate your team to reduce carbon emissions

Motivation is the first step in reducing your company's carbon footprint. We help with the rest.

Achieving the Carbon Saver Standard™ can:-

Measure your Carbon Emissions and Energy Consumption

Now your carbon saving journey has begun, it's time to measure your carbon footprint. At this stage, we complete a 'data grab' of your energy spend and a site visit to gain evidence of your reductions. To complete the assessment, we need to determine the boundaries of your carbon footprint.

Our unique, flexible service allows you to choose your own carbon footprint boundaries. We pride ourselves on offering a certification process to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Just identify the parts of the organisation and the type of carbon emissions to include in the measurement. We'll calculate the footprint for you.

Organisational boundary - apply for certification to cover all or part of their operations. Part certification must specify either the operating divisions or the physical location base. e.g. particular offices.

Operational boundary - Identify emission sources to include in your measurement. The Carbon Saver Standard™ offers 3 levels of footprint to apply.

Manage your Carbon Emissions

'What gets measured gets managed'.

The Carbon Saver Standard™ sets out a series of qualitative criteria to show that an organisation is managing its carbon emissions.

This information is collected through a site visit. Assessment includes analysis of evidence against the size of the organisation and other factors that may effect your carbon footprint.

Minimise your energy consumption

The Carbon Saver Standard™ requires organisations to meet specific carbon reduction targets. Only when these targets have been met can the Carbon Saver Standard™ be achieved. This differs from standards such as ISO 14001, which often focus on the management process or system of management. Please request an information pack if you would like more details on targets and achieving them.

Carbon Saver Action Plan

We realise that reducing your carbon footprint is a journey that continues long after our certification is awarded. To accomodate this development, we provide a Carbon Saver Action Plan to suggest areas for future improvement.

Benchmark your achievements using the Carbon Saver Action Plan.

Market your achievements with the Carbon Saver Standard

Using the Carbon Saver Standard™

Achieving the Carbon Saver Standard™ is an excellent way of reinforcing your 'green' credentials.

Using the standard within your marketing strategy is increasingly important in attracting and retaining customers. Many large businesses also require their suppliers to implement robust carbon management and reduction practices. By promoting your commitment to carbon footprint reduction, you can gain contracts with those companies that require low carbon credentials within their supply chain.

Successful organisations can promote their achivements with the Carbon Saver Standard™ logo and certificate in your own marketing.

Find out how the Carbon Saver Standard™ can help your company.