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Carbon Saver Standard™ - FAQs

This section provides quick and easy answers to any questions you may have regarding the Carbon Saver Standard™.

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What is the Carbon Saver Standard™?

Answer: The Carbon Saver Standard™ certifies the carbon savings you have achieved. It is a low cost, flexible service offering fully-assisted or self-certified certification. With Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of certification there is a solution for all sizes of organisation and all budgets. We have worked with some of the biggest blue-chip names in UK business and are certifying more and more organisations every week. The Gold Standard is approved by the Environment Agency as an Early Action Metric for the CRC Performance League Table.

How does Carbon Saver compare to other certification providers?

Answer: The Carbon Saver Standard™ has been specifically designed to be as flexible and straight forward as possible. It is now the only standard that provides independent, third party verification (through Bureau Veritas) to provide a robust service. It's unique feature in the marketplace is allowing organisations to certify only energy emissions with an absolute reduction. Other schemes mandate the inclusion of transport emissions or require a minimum reduction of 5.2%. Carbon Saver offers a fully assisted service for a hassle free process and is fantastic value, guaranteeing to beat any like-for-like quote. We can complete a low cost Gap Assessment to check if you qualify for the Standard, saving you money on wasted fees.

What are the benefits of achieving the Carbon Saver Standard?

Answer: The Carbon Saver Standard™ holds significant financial benefits. Reducing your carbon emissions cuts your energy spend and carbon tax costs. Your certification proves to customers, other companies and suppliers that you are doing your part to protect the environment. This could help you achieve more supplier contracts and attract business from those who value 'green' credentials in their supply chain.

As part of the Carbon Saver Standard™ process, we include a PR/marketing service, which focuses on your company's achievements. This saves your time, money and resources and provides an opportunity to share your accomplishments further. We also provide action plan reports, which can improve your carbon management process. In turn, this could help save you money.

What is the cost of achieving the Carbon Saver Standard™?

Answer: We have carefully designed our product to provide a full and comprehensive service at unbeatable value. In fact, our full service costs less than 'Certification Only' from our main competitor. The cost of the Carbon Saver Standard™ is dependent upon your company energy spend and also the type of standard that you require. We are so confident we will not be beaten on quality, service or price we guarantee it.

How long does it take to get the Standard?

Answer: Once we have your energy data, we can process the whole certification in a maximum of 4 weeks. We can either come and do a data grab from you, or you can send us your energy data directly. Alternatively, we can contact your energy provider on your behalf with your consent. The whole process takes up very little of your time or effort.

I don't think I will be able to achieve certification based on the programmes I have in place.

Answer: That's not a problem. As part of the Carbon Saver Standard™ service we include a gap analysis stage that assesses both qualitative (investments, policies, reporting etc) and quantitative (energy data) information. The gap analysis costs only £500. If you fail this stage you will only have to pay the gap analysis fee and we will keep your application open until you do pass. If you do pass both quantitative and qualitative criteria you can proceed on to full certification, which already includes the gap analysis fee.

We have a number of sites based around the country. Is our business too complex to participate in the Carbon Saver Standard™ certification process?

Answer: The flexible nature of the Carbon Saver Standard™ allows you to select which areas of your organisation you would like to certify. You can choose to certify particular divisions or sites, or if you wish to opt for full certification, we can visit a percentage of your sites in order to conduct assessments. We have provided full and part certification to many clients with complicated organisational structures. We would be happy to discuss how our certification process can be tailored to meet your business needs. Please contact our team to discuss your carbon certification options.

We already have an ISO 14001. Why would we need a Carbon Saver Standard™?

Answer: An ISO 14001, 50001 or 16001 are all Environmental or Energy Management Systems. To achieve these you do not have to show any reduction in your carbon emission. A Carbon Saver Standard™ requires you to show either a 2.5% relative reduction or an absolute reduction in your carbon emissions.

We are a small government department, so our energy spend is tiny compared to others on the league table. Can we still get the Carbon Saver Standard™?

Answer: Of course! Organisations with energy spends below £500k can still pursue the Carbon Saver Gold Standard. We offer a number of products that can help you improve your league table position. If you send us your approximate energy spend, we can provide you with a quote that reflects your spend. We offer either a fully-assisted service or online certification. Online carbon certification provides a low-cost service at your own pace. The service is adapted to suit your needs.

Our company has grown over the past three years. Subsequently, our carbon emissions have increased, even though we have implemented projects to improve our energy efficiency. Does this mean we can't achieve the Carbon Saver Standard™?

Answer: The Carbon Saver Standard™ can assess your data based on a relative metric, as well as absolute carbon reductions. Therefore, if your company has hired more personnel and/or acquired new buildings you could still achieve certification. Relative metrics can be based on square footage, number of personnel, expenditure, turnover etc.

I can see how getting the Carbon Saver Standard™ will help manage my reputation, but what are the tangible financial incentives?

Answer: On average, our customers have saved £250,000 in energy through their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. As part of our certification process we produce a Carbon Saver Action Plan which provides valuable and in depth feedback. This provides a holistic view of your organisation's carbon management compared to best practice. The recommendations made in this plan will help your organisation's carbon management processes to achieve even greater energy savings. This will become increasingly important if the government increases the taxes on carbon emissions over the next few years and as energy prices continue to rise.

For more details on achieving the Carbon Saver Standard™, please do not hesitate to talk to our friendly carbon certification team.