Carbon Saver Major Clients

Carbon Saver Gold Standard™

You can trust the Carbon Saver programme to deliver real financial savings and improved brand reputation.

The Carbon Saver Gold Standard™ provides a unique, cost effective method of rewarding organisations for their reductions in carbon emissions.

This certification is approved by the Environment Agency as an equivalent scheme to the Carbon Trust Standard*.

The benefits...

The Carbon Saver Standard™ delivers the following benefits:-

Brand Reputation - achieving our trusted carbon standard will demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions and having them externally verified

Financial - implementing the Carbon Saver Action Plan will help you save on both energy costs and the newly introduced 'Carbon Taxes'. On average our clients have saved £250,000 per annum on energy costs

The Board - an accreditation based review of your carbon management strategy provides assurance that your organisation is making effective progress

Customers - retain and attract customers who can trust you are doing more than the legal minimum, and that your carbon emissions performance is truthful and open to scrutiny

Carbon Management Team - benchmarks current achievements, recognises successes and helps identify opportunities for improvement through the Carbon Saver Action Plan

Competitors - are your competitors confused by the CRC? Trust our team of specialists to help you beat them in the governments Performance League Table

Investors - an independent, third party review reduces risks and demonstrates action beyond compliance improving investor trust and confidence

The Community - demonstrate voluntary leadership on the climate change agenda and being a 'good corporate citizen'

Colleagues - achieving the Carbon Saver Standard™ can increase staff motivation and change energy wasting behaviours

Certify your carbon emissions and see the benefits for yourself...

* The Carbon Saver Standard is a Carbon Trust Standard Equivalent Scheme. The Carbon Trust Standard rules and methodology v1.2 January 2010 have been adopted as a basis of The Carbon Saver Standard™ and we gratefully acknowledge their use.